The are many small business IT support companies out there today, but most of them can’t compete with Olmec on the issues that are most important to you: IT support that makes your business run more effectively; provided with the highest level of customer service.  Olmec Systems has been providing IT support and services for businesses nationally for over 20 years.

Here’s what makes Olmec Systems right for you:

We’re your IT partners.

When you choose Olmec as your IT support partner, we will work with you to provide IT consulting solutions that fit your business model. Olmec’s IT support is geared around your business needs today and into the future.  We ask questions to understand where you are now and where you want to be moving forward. We design your IT services around this information so that the solution is tailored to your business.  There is no one size fits all in IT support.  The IT company you choose should be someone who understands you.  We work hard to do that; and that’s what makes us different.

We do not outsource our Help desk or Network Operations Center.

When you contact Olmec for support we answer the phone live from our headquarters office.  Our help desk department is staffed 100% with full-time Olmec employees.  We also understand the value in creating a healthy company culture so we can better serve our client's needs.

We give you 24/7 account access.

Use Olmec Online to get instant information about anything we’ve done for you, including recent service, invoices and more. You can even schedule and approve IT Support work orders from your computer or mobile device.

We make it easy to switch from your old provider.

If you’re here, you may not be happy with your current IT Company.  They may not be providing the level of IT support that you need to operate your company at peak efficiency.  Olmec makes it easy to switch from your old IT service provider – no hassles and no interruption of your computer services.

We give you one contact.

In order to provide top level IT support, the person providing your technical support should really understand your network. Olmec Systems will provide your business with a primary & secondary technician (just in case the primary technician isn't available) who will know your network inside and out.  Not to worry though, your overall IT tech support will be provided by the entire Olmec team; not just an individual or two.  If you need help fast, one of our tech supports experts will be there to help.

Quick response to critical issues.

Olmec Systems provides IT support and service that your business can rely on during an emergency. Whether you have 100 employees or 3000 employees, if you call in with a critical issue we will ensure that an engineer addresses it immediately.  The issue can range from production system down to the CEO is unable to send an email.  We understand that "Critical" can have a different meaning for each client.  Our team of IT support professionals has the expertise and years of experience to provide this level of service to all of our clients, not just our largest.

We’ll meet or exceed your deadline every time.

Once we understand the timeline and the scope of work for your project, Olmec Systems will provide you with a solution that will meet your needs today and for years to come.  Our project managers are IT consulting experts who will deliver your network upgrade on time and on budget.