The Olmec team is a group of some of the most experienced, dedicated IT support professionals you'll ever find. We're not just problem solvers - we're the outsourced IT department for every single one of our clients.

Background verification: The Company performs a thorough investigation on candidates before extending an offer. In addition to checking professional references we also check criminal history, credit reports, driving records, and other public records that are relevant to our business. 

Geographic area: You must currently reside in Northern/Central NJ or in the Atlanta Metro area. Applicants who are currently not living in the area in which we do business will not be considered at this time. 

If you are interested in a position with Olmec please submit a resume no longer than 2 pages and a cover letter no longer then one page.  The cover letter should describe your career objectives as well as provide examples of leadership in your current position. You should also briefly state why you want to leave your current position. 

Send your cover letter and resume using the Submission Link